14 Nov 2015



I´m going to talk about my big little love, the animals, I've never could kill an animal, it doesn't matter if is a bug, or a lizard, whatever, if I had find some inside my home I try to catch and drop outside safe and sound.
My pets are a kind of friends, I have two little babies, a cat, called Bizcocho, is a lovely fat cat who loves sleeping and eating a lot; and my punky dog, Jara, its a mixed lapdog, any place I move she comes with me,
Both of them are marvellous, I have lots of love for they, in addition few days ago my friend Epi say me she know a woman who had a kitty, a lovely and ill kitty saved from the streets, and I decided to adopt it and take care of it.

I let you some pics of Bizcocho and Jara:

An finally this it's Meringue!!!

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