14 Nov 2015



I´m going to talk about my big little love, the animals, I've never could kill an animal, it doesn't matter if is a bug, or a lizard, whatever, if I had find some inside my home I try to catch and drop outside safe and sound.
My pets are a kind of friends, I have two little babies, a cat, called Bizcocho, is a lovely fat cat who loves sleeping and eating a lot; and my punky dog, Jara, its a mixed lapdog, any place I move she comes with me,
Both of them are marvellous, I have lots of love for they, in addition few days ago my friend Epi say me she know a woman who had a kitty, a lovely and ill kitty saved from the streets, and I decided to adopt it and take care of it.

I let you some pics of Bizcocho and Jara:

An finally this it's Meringue!!!

11 Nov 2015

When rain cats an dogs!

I'm living in the east zone of Spain, near to mediterranean sea, I had lived at country for eighteen years.

I have learn many things living here, the soft weather all the year, summer near the beach, soft winter... But twice arrive the cool drop, its a kind of heavy rain, and the to rivers above my home fill up and I can't go out of my home, or worse, I cant came in if that happens when I'm out...
For example a week ago... I ended my work day and drive to my home... But I encountered that nice and sad pic...

Take those broken wings and learn to fly...

I'm going to use this like a kind of diary, maybe for say something everyday, for example, today's post it's about tattoos... 
I'm a tattooed girl and I want to tattoo all my left leg with stuff about my live. 
The first tattoo I had have was the world Hiss, represents my alter ego,  but now, a month ago, I made another tattoo above it, a birdcage, because this days full of funny, and crazy creativity are far away, but the door is open to let's fly my creativity in some moment. Three sunflowers represents my brothers and a very special quote of a Beatles´s song Blackbird become this own design in the most personal tattoo by the moment.

PS: This is on my ribs. Probably he worst and most painful place for tattooing.