11 Nov 2015

Take those broken wings and learn to fly...

I'm going to use this like a kind of diary, maybe for say something everyday, for example, today's post it's about tattoos... 
I'm a tattooed girl and I want to tattoo all my left leg with stuff about my live. 
The first tattoo I had have was the world Hiss, represents my alter ego,  but now, a month ago, I made another tattoo above it, a birdcage, because this days full of funny, and crazy creativity are far away, but the door is open to let's fly my creativity in some moment. Three sunflowers represents my brothers and a very special quote of a Beatles´s song Blackbird become this own design in the most personal tattoo by the moment.

PS: This is on my ribs. Probably he worst and most painful place for tattooing.

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